Transition Training

Welcome Buyers
We are pleased to provide state-of-the art training for a state-of-the-art system. eVA training follows a blended learning approach known as “Learning as a Journey”, which offers different types of learning materials through multiple methods, such as eLearning, Quick Guides, Virtual Instructor-Led Learning, Videos, and Guided Practice. Learning journeys give users the information they need to succeed using eVA in their daily jobs.


Sara Lewis
Training Lead

How do I access training?

Accessing eVA Training in the LMS Guide


Which training do I take?

•Take a look at the Learning Pathways tab to determine which journey you should take.

• Still unsure? Check with your supervisor.

• You will have access to all Learning Pathways.


Who do I go to for help?

• If you are a general user please contact your supervisor or procurement manager at your  

• If you are a Procurement Manager, please contact your Account Executive.