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Buyer Information Center
Buyer Information Center is made up of fellow eVA users who want to stay in the know and/or contribute their ideas and needs to the eVA Team.

BUG Meeting Schedule & Links    
To be announced!

BUG Meeting Playback 2022

January 6, 2022 BUG Meeting Playback - Upcoming Transition Milestones by Month


BUG Meeting Playback 2021
December 9, 2021 Open BUG Meeting Playback• All Q&A
October 14, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback - October BUG Meeting Q&A
September 16, 2021 Meeting Playback
August 26, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback - Special Meeting about Conversion
August 19, 2021 Bug Meeting Playback
July 15, 2021 Bug Meeting Playback
June 10, 2021 Bug Meeting Playback
May 13, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback
April 15, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback     
March 18, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback  
February 18, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback
January 14, 2021 BUG Meeting Playback

BUG Meeting Playback 2020
August 19, 2020 BUG Meeting Playback
June 3, 2020 BUG Meeting Playback
February 26, 2020 BUG Meeting Playback
December 12, 2019 BUG Meeting Playback
August 2019 BUG Meeting Playback
October 17, 2018 BUG Meeting Playback

eVA Extra 2021
December - 2021 Important Dates to Remember
November-2021 Transition eVA Extra
September-2021 "Ad-hoc" non registered suppliers eVA EXTRA
May-2021 eVA Transition Newsroom Updates & VDC PCards eVA EXTRA
February-2021 New ways to explore eVA contracts eVA EXTRA

eVA Extra 2020
December-2020 eVA Summit Recap eVA EXTRA

June-2020 -Training Reports eVA EXTRA

February-2020 SWaM Dashboard eVA EXTRA
January-2020 Entity Dashboard eVA EXTRA
January-2020 eVA EXTRA

eVA Extra 2019
October 2019 eVA EXTRA

August 2019 Account Notification
August 2019 eVA Extra
May 2019 Single Sign On Message eVA EXTRA
May 2019 eVA Extra
January-2019 Vibe Highlights Survey eVA EXTRA

Release Notes 2021
February 2021
April 2021

Kimberly Brewer
eVA Marketing & Outreach Manager

(804) 229-8939

For eVA Outreach Events Contact
Kim Brewer


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