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 Emergency Procurement of Goods and Services for Executive Branch Agencies By authorization of the Governor of Virginia, the Honorable Ralph Northam through Executive Order Number Twenty Three (2018) agencies are hereby authorized to enter into contracts for emergency goods and services per Code of Virginia sections §44-146.28(b) and §44.-146.24 as it pertains to the disaster... Click here for more Information


eVA Directory

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Shane Caudill
eVA Director

Phone: (804) 786-3855



Lisa Kirby
eVA Deputy Director

Phone: (804) 786-8976 Lisa.Kirby@dgs.virginia.gov


eVA Directory

Jan Giffin
eVA Business Manager
Phone: (804) 225-3689

For a list of DPS Employees, please refer to this directory.

DPS Directory

David Foster
eVA Operations, eVA web site

Phone: (804) 225-4628 David.Foster@dgs.virginia.gov


Ghania Matias
eVA Customer Care

Phone: 1-866-289-7367



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Phone: (804) 786-8976

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