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 Emergency Procurement of Goods and Services for Executive Branch Agencies By authorization of the Governor of Virginia, the Honorable Ralph Northam through Executive Order Number Twenty Three (2018) agencies are hereby authorized to enter into contracts for emergency goods and services per Code of Virginia sections §44-146.28(b) and §44.-146.24 as it pertains to the disaster... Click here for more Information


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How to check your SPAM blocking program if you are having problems receiving email from eVA


If you are having problems receiving email, purchase orders, or other notifications from eVA or Ariba, change your SPAM blocking program to allow these following addresses:


1. ordersender-prod@ansmtp.ariba.com: Allows Purchase Orders to be delivered to you.


2. aribanetworkadmin@ariba.com: Allows Purchase Orders to be delivered to you.


3. noreturn@dgs.virginia.gov: Allows Quick Quote and other Solicitation opportunity notifications to be delivered to you.


4. Ghania.Matias@dgs.virginia.gov:  Allows information or solutions to issues from eVA Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction Surveys to be delivered to you.


If you are unable to change your SPAM settings, please contact the support person/group within your organization or your internet access provider.


How to use NIGP Commodity Codes to get notified of eVA Business Opportunities that match the goods and services that your company provides

How the eVA system uses NIGP Commodity Codes to notify you of Quick Quotes and Solicitations that apply to your business.


1. The buyer creates a Quick Quote or a Solicitation and chooses at least one commodity code to describe the goods or services needed.


2. The buyer chooses either:

a. A Class Commodity Code which is broad in description.

b. An Item Commodity Code which is specific in description.


3. In the Commodity Code book (link below) a Class Commodity Code is displayed with 3 digits.

   00 at the end is assumed and this is how you identify a Class Code, for example 00500. An

   Item Commodity Code is displayed with any other 5 digits, for example 00570.


4. Click here to see examples online, starting on Page 9.


5. The buyer publishes the Quick Quote or Other Solicitation opportunity to vendors.


6. The eVA system compares the buyer's commodity code to the commodity code in your eVA

    account looking for a match to determine whether or not you want to be notified of that



7. One example of a match is:

a. The buyer uses a class code of 005 (00500) - Abrasives.

b. You have an item code in your account that starts with 005, for example 00570 - Pumice

    Stone. The system finds this as a match and you are notified.


8. Another example of a match is:

a. The buyer uses an item code, for example 00570 - Pumice Stone.

b. You have the class code 00500 - Abrasives in your account. The system finds this as a match

and you are notified.


9. Now compare the commodity codes in your account with the Commodity Code book link above to determine which ones you want to remove, if any or add. Pay particular attention to the Class Codes that end in 00. Often times Class Codes include a wide range of descriptions of Item Codes .


If you would like to change the commodity codes in your account and either reduce or increase business opportunity notifications, follow these steps:


1. Do a Quick Search - click here


2. Take Time to do detailed Planning - 
click here


3. Add or delete commodity codes in your account.


Special Note:  Notification of Quick Quotes and other Solicitations are also dependent on the eVA Registration Level and Service Area in your account.