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The Virginia House of Burgesses was the first legislative assembly of elected representatives in North America. The House was established by the Virginia Company, which created the body as part of an effort to encourage English craftsmen to settle in North America, and to make conditions in the colony more agreeable for its current inhabitants.

Terri Hudgins, VCM, VCO, CPPB
Local Government
Account Executive

Region 3 Eastern/Northern

(757) 407-5315


Greg Pratt VCO, VCCO
Local Government
Account Executive
Region 1 Southwest  Virginia
(540) 676-7380


Lawrence Shaw, MPA, VCO

Local Government

Account Executive

Region 2 Central Region of Virginia




e-Procurement Without The Cost

eVA is free to all local governments and other public bodies—cities, towns, counties, community service boards, authorities, public schools, etc. Click here for more details.


Grow Your Local Economy

eVA helps small businesses in every locality expand their existing customer base with access to government bid opportunities around the Commonwealth. View all localities using eVA


Concerned About Your Existing Suppliers?

Most localities find their existing vendors are already registered with eVA. eVA’s Outreach and Customer Care teams will help your local businesses and existing vendors get registered.


Want to get better prices?

Whether you need suppliers for small purchases or major contracts, eVA lets you expand your bid list to increase competition.


Want to get faster quotes?

Quick Quote, eVA’s paperless alternative to fax-back and telephone quotes, can quickly get bids from suppliers that match your needs.


What about your financial system & double entry?

eVA can work with existing financial systems, such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Munis, etc.  eVA’s secure data sharing capability lets you avoid double data entry by sharing vendor, requisition, order and other reference data according to your needs.


Want to retain your existing approval or budgetary process?

eVA lets you customize your purchasing process to your needs.  You are not locked into any specific user arrangement or approval process.


Localities have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining eVA!

Click to Sign-Up Online

Our simple form allows you to quickly provide the basic information we need.  Once submitted, our Local Government Account Executives will reach out to you to make sure we meet your needs.




eVA Buyer Training

eVA Vendor Training


eVA Local Government Guidelines

The eVA system was established based on a self-funding approach.  eVA order transaction fees sustain the eVA system.  For orders issued by local government users, these fees are usually collected from the vendor that received the order; however, when a local government user issues an order to a vendor not registered in eVA, the eVA order transaction fees may be re-billed to the local government entity.  A copy of the eVA Fee Schedule is published on the eVA Billing & Payment Portal. For more information, please contact your local AE.


The following guidelines, developed by DGS/DPS, are to be followed when ordering through the eVA eMall:


(1) Credit Card Purchases: Users may purchase goods or services through the e-Mall, up to their CARD LIMITS. If purchased from state contracts or from another sources, the Contract terms and conditions govern these purchases.


(2) Electronic Purchase Orders: Users may purchase goods or services in unlimited dollar amounts, unless when placing an electronic purchase order from state contracts or mandatory sources (such as the Visually Handicap and/or Correction Enterprises) and specific dollar amounts are specified in the contract.


(3) For all other purchases, users may purchase up to their procurement authority after complying with all competitive requirements and file documentation per the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) and their own organization’s policies and procedures.


Open the Virginia State regional map to determine what region your Local Government/Public Bodies is located in.

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