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Manuals, Policies & Regulations

APSPM Manual

The DPS Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual (APSPM) sets forth the policies and procedures to be followed by state agencies and institutions in the purchase of non-technology goods and nonprofessional services.


“Buy IT” Procurement Manual

The VITA IT Procurement Policy Manual (“Buy IT”) establishes policies, standards and guidelines to be followed by state agencies and institutions when procuring information technology (IT), including telecommunications goods and services.


VPPA - Virginia Public Procurement Act

Section § 2.2-4300 of the Code of Virginia which enunciates the public policies pertaining to governmental procurement from nongovernmental sources, to include governmental procurement that may or may not result in monetary consideration for either party.


CPSPM Manual

The Commonwealth of Virginia Construction and Professional Services Manual (CPSM) sets forth the standards, policies, terms, conditions, and procedures to be followed by Commonwealth of Virginia agencies and institutions in procuring professional design and construction services.

Procurement Complaint Form

The official method to report all vendor noncompliance issues to the DGS/DPS Contract Compliance Section.


DPS Issued Standards & Specifications (Radar Devices, Tintmeter, Tire Deflation, etc.)

The Division of Purchases and Supply has prepared standards and specifications for some goods that are recommended for use by Agencies and Institutions when they purchase these products.


VITA - How to Place IT Orders

Guidelines followed by state agencies and institutions when procuring information technology (IT), including telecommunications, goods and services.


Resources/Procedures & Info

eVA Buyer Training

Access “How to” guides and training videos on using the eMall, Advanced VBO, Contract Management, Quick Quote Reverse Auction and more! Sign up for a FREE training class on eMall and/or Quick Quote.  View and sign-up for Virginia Institute of Procurement (VIP) classes.

CPI Rate

Access the Federal Government's web site that posts the current CPI figures.


Inactive eVA Vendor Accounts

Vendor’s accounts may be inactive for a number of reasons. The inactive vendor list is available for buyers and vendors as a reference to resolve accounts
(click to find out more about eVA statuses). Included, are all businesses and individuals excluded from contracting with state agencies through debarment, enjoinment, or suspension by the Commonwealth under the Construction Professional Services Manual (CPSM) and the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual (APSPM).


Additional resources for Construction Enjoinment and Debarment are provided by DGS Division of Engineering and Buildings (DEB).


Vendor Prohibited List ( Dept. of Taxation)

This link accesses the list of Prohibited Vendors as determined and maintained by the Department of Taxation. The content of the list is determined solely by the Virginia Department of Taxation pursuant to Va. Code § 2.2-4321.1(C).  Anyone having a question or a request for further information regarding this list or its contents is to contact the Virginia Department of Taxation, Office of Customer Services, using the “Contact Us” information located online at
https://www.tax.virginia.gov or by calling 
(804) 367-8037.


Employment Services Organizations (ESO)

This link accesses the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services’ ESO Interactive Directory.


State by State Reciprocal Preference Data

This link accesses the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) website that provides information on preferences established within each State.  This list is maintained by the state of Oregon on behalf of NASPO.


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