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eVA Web Services

What can eVA provide via Web Services?
The eVA Supplier Service allows eVA to provider supplier information via a Web Services.

The eVA Supplier Update Service allows trusted partners to send SWaM information updates to eVA.

How can my organization benefit from eVA Supplier Services?
eVA Supplier Services allows external systems (outside of eVA) to get information from eVA about suppliers(based on Tax ID and or DUNS). eVA Supplier Services can return complete profile information for a supplier or more granular information such as the address information for the supplier.

Who can use eVA Supplier Services?
Any trusted partner can use the eVA Supplier Services. A trusted partner is determined by eVA and requires the exchange of X509 public keys (discussed later).

eVA Supplier Services a closer look
Service Description (wsdl url) : eVASupplier
Available Operations(what you can ask eVA)

getEVASupplier: returns the eVA supplier(s) profile (excludes certain fields not in use by eVA at this time)
getEVASupplierLocationCommodites: returns the list of commodities the Supplier(s) has registered as being able to provide
getEVASupplierLocationAddresses: returns the active address information for the eVA supplier(s)
getEVASupplierLocationSwam: returns the SWaM designations for the eVA Supplier(s) (eVA gets the SWaM information from DMBE)
getEVASupplierLocationServiceAreas: return the service areas designations for the eVA Supplier(s)
getEVASupplierExtended: returns the eVA full supplier(s) profile (recommend using getEVASupplier at this time)

Data Input: The requestor must provide the Tax ID and DUNS number for the supplier they are requesting information for. If the DUNS number is not known then the request can pass in the Tax ID plus the first 5 digits of the suppliers zip code. The structure of the request data is defined by the eVASupplierRequestInput element (See the eVA Supplier Schema Definition for the details)

Data Returned: The data is returned in the form of an XML document. The structure of the return data is defined by
eVA Supplier Schema Definition

eVA Supplier Update Services a closer look
Service Description (wsdl url) : eVASupplierUpdate
Available Operations(what you can request eVA to do)

sendEVASupplierSwamInfo: will create, update, or remove SWaM records for the given supplier in eVA
Data Input: The requestor must provide the SWAM information including the action to take (Add, Update, Delete) in eVA. The structure of the request data is defined by the SupplierSwamInput element (See the eVA Supplier Schema Definition for the details).

Data Returned: n/a

So how do I become a consumer of eVA Webservices?
The following is a summary of the steps for commonwealth entities to complete in order to consume the eVA Supplier Services:

1. Generate and Exchange X509 Certificates with eVA: eVA Supplier Web Services will provide a public key X509 certificate issued
     by a Trusted Certificate Authority (eg. Thawte) to be used by the requestor’s application that needs access to the services. In
     turn, a public key certificate identifying the requestor’s application will be provided to eVA Web Services by the agency owning
     the requestor’s application. Please contact eVA Customer care to start this process.

Why do I need to do this?

•The exchange of certificate keys allows each party to become a known trusted partner to the other party.

• The exchange is required by ensure the security and integrity of the transaction and to ensure only trusted partners can use the
   services provided by eVA.

2. Allow HTTP access to eVA Supplier Service from the requesting application: Requesting applications should contact their
   network administrators to confirm or request access to the eVA Web Service URL on port 80. Note: in most cases this is already   

3. Create/Use a Web Service Client to consume eVA Web Services: The Web Services client will provide the means for the
    requestor make a service request to eVA and to receive the service response.

What tools can I use to verify eVA Webservices outside of my Web Service Client?