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Vendors Resource

A Vendor's Guide on How to do Business with the Commonwealth of Virginia
    PDF eVA Overview learn the basics about what eVA is  
    PDF New Vendor Registration Guide information on the vendor registration process  
    PDF Understanding Commodity Codes the numbering system used to eVA buyers what you sell  
    PDF Who's Buying What You Sell? learn how to find who's buying, what they're paying & much more!  
    PDF eVA Account Maintenance Tips helpful tips on maintaining your Vendor account  
    PDF  Merchant Services Guidelines
      For Vendors Currently Accepting Visa
If you currently accept Visa, you can accept the Bank of America Visa
  cards issued to state agencies and institutions. You would process  
  Visa payments the same as you do with any other organization.
    PDF  How to View & Respond to a Quick Quote