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Vendors Password Reset Will Not Work
Here is one scenario that could cause this problem:

1. Your Internet Browser program setting for Auto Complete for User Name and Passwords is set to "On".

2. You have a problem logging in to eVA and you request a new temporary password (either from the autoreset or manually from eVA
    Customer Care).

3. You Login with the temporary password.

4. The browser Auto Complete saves this password as your eVA password.

5. You go to the next page and eVA asks you to enter the temporary password and asks you to create a new password.

6. You login successfully this time.

7. The next time you login, you get "User Authentication Error".

This is because the Saved Password utility in your browser saved the temporary password as your password - not the new password.

To resolve this problem: Go to your Browser and click on Tools, Options, Content. Look for the Auto Complete, User Names and Passwords. Turn this feature off and Clear existing Saved Passwords

Click Tools on the menu bar


Click the Content Tab and then click Auto Complete...


Make sure the User names and passwords on forms and Prompt me to save passwords in NOT checked

Then Click Clear Password

Then Click OK