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How do I view Credit Card numbers now?

If you receive your eVA orders by email or fax then you have probably noticed that the credit card number on PCard orders is now masked. This change was required because eVA must comply with credit card security standards implemented by the Credit Card industry. This standard is intended to provide protection to both the credit card holder and the business receiving orders.

To ensure quick compliance with these credit card controls, the eVA service providers, CGI and Ariba, swiftly implemented the changes to email and fax orders and added credit card viewing controls to your Ariba account.

You can access the full credit card number by logging in to your secure Ariba account. If you’re not sure how to do this, here are some quick steps:

1. Click on the “View Complete Order Detail” link in your emailed order notification to be taken to Ariba’s login page, or visit


Order Detail Screen shot
2. Enter your username and password, then click the login button (your username will likely be the email address used when you registered for Ariba)

If you need help with your username and/or password,

click here


Ariba Login Screen shot
3. If you are not taken directly to the order and see Ariba’s welcome screen as shown, click on the inbox link from the left hand menu Ariba Spend Management
4. Click Edit next to the order manager role
(if the order manager role is not listed, please click here for instructions on how to add roles).
Ariba Spend Management
5. A list of permissions will display. Scroll down in the Permissions list and check the box next to Credit Card Number Access.


Ariba Spend Management

Each user set up in your Ariba account will need to have permission to view the full credit card number when they login. The user that registers, the admin user, will already have this permission by default.

When adding additional users to your Ariba account, the admin user will need to choose if that new user will be allowed to view the full credit card number. Click
here for steps to change this setting for additional users.

If you are still having trouble accessing your account or viewing the full credit card number, please contact eVA Customer Care at 866-289-7367 or