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eVA Buyer Training
The links below offer targeted ‘how to’ video sessions that allow you to quickly get to the information or help you need.
You can also register for classes at our Richmond ofiice.

eVA Buyer Richmond Classroom Training
DPS offers bi-monthly hands-on training on the basics of the eMall and Quick Quote.  These free classes are offered to state employees who need to use either of these eVA tools as part of their job duties.

Quick Quote – The paperless alternative to getting fax-back and telephone quotes
This half-day “hands-on” course will train you on how to get quotes quickly and efficiently. Replacing the traditional method of faxing or calling, the user will create a quote request, obtain an automated vendor list, receive quotes electronically, evaluate on-line or with Excel and make the award.

eMall Shopper-Basic Training – The tool that allows you to shop online

This half-day “hands-on” course covers creating a requisition, on-line approvals and order creation with a variety of “shopping” exercises designed to develop the participant’s catalog searching skills. Local government users may also enroll in this class.

Register for FREE Buyer Classes at our Richmond office External Web Site
Emall - Videos

Overview  Video Icon
Ordering from Catalogs  Video Icon
Ordering Non-catalog Items  Video Icon
eMall - Change Order Video Icon
Editing Multiple Line Items  Video Icon
Ordering Temp Labor/Medical Services with Resume review (Collaboration)  Video Icon
Ordering a specific Temp Labor/Medical Services person (Non-Collaboration)  Video Icon
Ordering from VDC
Ordering from the VDC Punchout  Video Icon
Creating a New Order Using VDC Web  Video Icon
Changing a VDC Order  Video Icon
Approving requisitions
eMall - Requisition Approval Video Icon
Mobile Approvers - Watch how to use the app  Video Icon  
eMall - Receive by Quantity Video Icon
eMall - How to Re-Open a Receipt Video Icon

Quick Quote - Videos & Documents

Quick Quote - Issue Video Icon

Quick Quote - Amend Video Icon

Quick Quote - Evaluate Video Icon

Quick Quote Reverse Auction PDF Format

Sourcing & Contracting - Videos & Documents

This tool allow is your electronic solution to streamline purchasing processes from solicitation to award while creating an electronic procurement folder that automatically stores procurement records created throughout the process.  Sourcing & Contracting allows you to build complex solicitations with options like reminders, attachments, and electronic responses from suppliers while publishing to the public posting page.  Vendors will receive notifications of solicitation opportunities and vendors who respond electronically will receive additional notifications when the Notice of Intent to Award and Notice of Award is posted.  Additionally, after your contract is awarded, Contract Officers receive renewal notifications, can easily track contract spend, and are able to share contract documents with end users. 

Sourcing & Contracting Features PDF Format

Sourcing & Contracting Quick Guides 
Contract Management User Guide PDF Format

Other Video & Document Topics

The following topic areas represent other key areas of eVA that may be helpful to you. 

Internet Explorer – Reset to Factory Settings Video Icon
State Entered Vendor - New Entry  Video Icon
State Entered Vendor -  Adding a Location  Video Icon


  Virginia Institute of Procurement

The Virginia Institute of Procurement (VIP) operates under the auspices of the Department of General Services, Division of Purchases and Supply and delivers procurement education to public procurement professionals. VIP’s Virginia Contracting Officer Certification Program currently offers professional certification at two levels:

  • Virginia Contracting Associate Officer (VCA)

  • Virginia Contracting Officer (VCO)

  • Virginia Contracting Master Officer (VCM)

Participation in the program is voluntary and open to employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia and employees of other public bodies who meet the eligibility criteria of the certification level they pursue.

Click VCA Criteria or VCO Criteria to view eligibility.

For more Information visit the VIP website: External Web Site