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eVA Local Government Guidelines

The following guidelines, developed by DGS/DPS, are to be followed when ordering through the eVA eMall:

(1) Credit Card Purchases: Users may purchase goods or services through the e-Mall, up to their CARD LIMITS. If purchased from state contracts or from another sources, the Contract terms and conditions govern these purchases.

(2) Local entities will be billed for the eVA transaction fee for any EXEMPT order processed through eVA.  See Section 14.9.b of the DPS Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual for a complete list of EXEMPT orders. Prevention of these transactions can be easily managed through policy, training, and monitoring!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The eVA system was established based on a self-funding approach.  eVA order transaction fees are what sustain the eVA system.  For orders issued by local government users these fees are usually collected from the vendor that received the order, however there are two circumstances where the fees are collected from the local government entity.  When a vendor not registered in eVA refuses to pay the eVA order transaction fees, the fees are re-billed to the local government entity.  In addition and as noted above, eVA order transaction fees for EXEMPT orders are invoiced to the local government entity.  A copy of the eVA Fee Schedule is published on the eVA Billing & Payment Portal. 

(3) Electronic Purchase Orders: Users may purchase goods or services in unlimited dollar amounts, unless when placing an electronic purchase order from state contracts or mandatory sources (such as the Visually Handicap and/or Correction Enterprises) and specific dollar amounts are specified in the contract.

(4) For all other purchases, users may purchase up to their procurement authority after complying with all competitive requirements and file documentation per the Virginia Public Procurement Act and the public bodies policies and procedures.