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What is eVA
Learn about Virginia’s procurement marketplace where all of Virginia State Agencies, Colleges and Universities, as well as many Local Governments, post bidding opportunities, get quotes and place orders for goods and services.
Register to become a Vendor in eVA
  Free to join, eVA Vendor registration gives you access to many free services and tools including automated placement on bidders list and email/fax notifications for business opportunities with Virginia State Agencies, Colleges and Universities, as well as many Local Governments.
Purchasing Rules – the Vendors Manual

Commonwealth purchasing rules distinguish small dollar from large dollar purchases:

  • Small Purchases $100k & under
    $5k = single small business quote
    $5,000 - $100,000 = unsealed bidding

  • Large Purchase Over $100k
    over $100,000 = sealed solicitation

The Vendors Manual is a guide designed to provide complete information on the purchasing rules from a vendor’s perspective.

NEW! RFPs at a glance

State by State Reciprocal Preference Data External Web Site

This link accesses the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) website that provides information on preferences established within each State.


Learn about how Buyers Shop & Bid  (eMall, Quick Quote, VBO)


Learn about the tools used by Virginia government to buy goods and services.  Catalogs, Orders, Quotes, Bids   all are part of eVA and there are ways to improve your access to these purchases.

Finding Business Opportunities

eVA provides Virginia’s public posting website for business opportunities. The Virginia Business Opportunities (VBO) listing provides free access to Quick Quote unsealed requests and sealed Solicitations (IFBs, RFPs, etc.). The Future Procurements listing provides information about Solicitations that may occur in the future.


Become a SWaM Certified Vendor

Virginia manages a formal certification process to identify vendors as a Small, Woman-owned or Minority-owned business.  This is an important part of defining yourself in doing business with Virginia


Vendor Debarment List  PDF

Maintained by the Division of Purchases and Supply, Department of General Services, this is a list of vendors excluded from contracting with state agencies for particular types of goods or nonprofessional services for specified periods of time.


  eVA Vendor Training

Access “How to” guides and training videos on:

•  Becoming an eVA Registered Vendor
•  Finding Business - Solicitations

•  Using Quick Quote - Online Bidding Tool
•  Vendor Account Maintenance & more
•  Finding Credit Card Numbers on Orders

Vendor Account Maintenance

IMPORTANT !  Don’t miss potential business…help Buyers find you by periodically reviewing your account to ensure it reflects your business most up-to-date contact information and notification preferences.   Our “how-to” videos will walk you step-by-step through updating your eVA Vendor account, from changing your commodity codes to adding a new location and more!

Vendor Resource Center 

Free access to a variety of on-line documents that provide insightful information key to vendor participation in eVA.  Formatted for both onscreen and printing, these documents are excellent training and marketing aids.

Catalogs & Your Shopping Website

Free functionality that allows Vendors to either provide a catalog file to be loaded into eVA or have eVA directly access your own shopping website through a technology called “Punchout”.

Public Reports and PPEA Opportunities External Web Site

Reporting that provides Free access to all eVA Orders.  Get insight into what Virginia is buying, who we bought it from, how much we paid and who they buyer was.  Exportable to your own computer so you can use your own tools for further analysis. Click here to view brief videos on how to run reports.

  NIGP Commodity Codes External Web Site
Virginia uses a set of codes to identify goods and services a Vendor sells.  Buyers also use the same types of codes to identify what they are going to buy (solicitations).  eVA uses these codes to match vendors to buyer solicitations for email or fax notifications.  This link provides access to a query tool to search for NIGP codes.

eVA Order Terms & Conditions

View the standard terms and conditions incorporated by reference on all eVA purchase orders.


Online Bidding Instructions – Sealed Solicitations PDF Icon


For those eVA sealed bid and RFP Solicitations that allow on-line bidding/responding, this document provides step-by-step instructions to submit your response online.


Procurement Complaint Form  (for DPS/VITA State Contract vendors only) Word Document Icon

  The official method to report for Vendors to submit complaints regarding contracts issued by the Division of Purchases and Supply (DPS) or the Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA).
eVA Shipping & Billing Address IDs

Intended for use by Vendors with Punchout sites, this downloads an Excel file that lists all of the Ship To and Bill To Address records in eVA for every organization using eVA.

Request the Use of the eVA logo and Name by your company

Vendors may receive authorization to use the eVA logo and name on their website and/or printed materials.  This link provides access to guidelines on use and instructions to request authorization.