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eVA Billing Portal An Open Letter to eVA Vendors June 12, 2006

Open Letter June 12, 2006
An Open Letter To eVA Vendors:

This letter is to inform you of an important update in the recently announced new eVA Fee Schedule. Since eVA is a self- funding system requiring capital for its continued operation and improvement, there is ongoing analysis and evaluation of every facet of the program. The eVA program does not receive money except by way of its Fee Schedule. Through this approach of regular review we have determined it is appropriate to revise the eVA Fee Schedule using the
following supplier types:

1. eVA Registered DMBE Certified Small Businesses
2. Other eVA Registered Businesses Not Included In Item 1 Above
3. Businesses That Are Not eVA Registered

Attached is a copy of the revised eVA Fee Schedule incorporating the changes described
above. A copy has also been published on the eVA website and can be accessed by clicking on the
“eVA Billing & Payment Portal” link located on the eVA home page at To ensure appropriate notification of the changes is made to suppliers, the current vendor transaction fee (1%, capped at $500 for all suppliers) will remain in effect through August 15, 2006. The revised vendor transaction fees set forth in the attached document will be effective August 16, 2006.

The Division of Purchases and Supply is committed to continuing and improving the
efficiencies eVA provides buyers and suppliers. Virginia is recognized as a leader in electronic procurement. Our electronic procurement program, eVA, is nationally recognized and just so happens to have the lowest fees in the nation. We are committed to continuing that success. Thank you for your continued patience and support. Your efforts on behalf of eVA are greatly appreciated.


Ron Bell