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eVA Billing An Open Letter to eVA Vendors May 15, 2006

Open Letter

May 15, 2006

On May 16, 2006, a new eVA Vendor Registration Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) goes into effect. This new MOA will be presented for acceptance by newly registering vendors at the start of the eVA vendor registration process and by currently registered vendor master users when they log into eVA. The new MOA can also be viewed on the eVA "Billing and Payment Portal" which can be accessed from the eVA home page at Changes resulting from the new MOA include the following:

A new eVA Fee Schedule developed to ensure the continued success of this self-funded nationally acclaimed and award winning state-wide purchasing system. The new fee structure also reflects the Commonwealth's commitment to increase business with disadvantaged businesses and satisfies the need to ensure eVA's costs are equitably shared by buyers and suppliers. The new fee structure has also been published on the eVA "Billing and Payment Portal".

Transfer of responsibility for invoicing and collecting eVA fees from CGI-AMS to the Commonwealth's Department of General Services (DGS). Initially  this transfer of responsibility only affects orders issued July 1, 2006, and after. In late summer, account balances for orders issued prior to July 1st will be transferred from CGI-AMS to DGS and vendor invoices will be adjusted accordingly.

The Commonwealth is committed to continue and improve the efficiencies eVA provides buyers and suppliers. For suppliers, these efficiencies include the following opportunities:

Register one time and one place to conduct business with over 170 state agencies, over 492 local governments, and over 9,121 users.

Receive email or efax notification of business opportunities that match the goods and services sold by the supplier.

Publish electronic catalogs on the eVA eMall.

Submit electronic quotes, bids and proposals.

Receive electronic solicitations and orders in standardized formats that minimize errors and misunderstanding.

Access and analyze historical purchasing data to determine who buys the products the supplier sells, as well as evaluate the supplier's pricing in comparison to that of the supplier's competitors.

These eVA opportunities enable suppliers to avoid costs such as those associated with hiring additional sales staff to develop business relationships and identify business opportunities with agencies, institutions and local governments located across the Commonwealth's geography, as well as printing and distributing paper catalogs.

In the coming months suppliers will also benefit from planned eVA improvements, including:

Enhancements to eVA Quick Quote, the most popular eVA tool providing buyers and suppliers a quick and easy alternative to traditional
    fax-back and telephone bidding.

Enhancements to eVA eProcurement, another popular eVA tool that allows suppliers to submit electronic responses to solicitations for 
    sealed bids and proposals.

The ability to pay eVA fees online using charge cards, debit cards, and electronic checks.

As we embark together on eVA's sixth year, I want to personally thank you for your continued commitment to helping the Commonwealth economically procure the highest quality goods and services, as well as for your assistance in achieving the many successes of this internationally acclaimed procurement system.


Ron Bell