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eVA 4 Biz

Virginia is the first state in the nation to launch an app for your smart phone or tablet. It allows you to see exactly where some of your tax dollars are going. All you have to do is download eVA 4 Biz.

The eVA Mobile app provides users real-time access to business opportunities with Commonwealth of Virginia State Agencies, Universities, Colleges, Local Governments and other Virginia Public Bodies. These opportunities, commonly referred to as "solicitations", are publicly posted on eVA, Virginia's innovative
e-Procurement system. The Virginia Business Opportunity (VBO) page is the specific part of eVA's public website where businesses can find 1000s of opportunities right at their finger tips.
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eVA Approver

Attention all eVA Approvers! Your work day is about to get a little easier
Ever been out of the office for an event, training or other function only to return to what feels like a never ending list of requisitions waiting for your OK? Well, eVA is giving you a way to have one less to-do on your list!
Introducing eVA Mobile 4 ApproverseVA’s newest mobile app that allows eVA Approvers and Watchers with an internet enabled mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.) to have real-time access to requisitions.
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