Better Business Opportunities When You Tell Us That You Like It (or don't...)

eVA's business opportunity matching for Quick Quotes, IFBs, RFPs, and other types of competitive bids is improved! The more you interact with us, the smarter eVA gets about the types of Leads you want to receive. When it's a good match, give the Lead a thumbs up (even if you don't intend to bid on it) and you’ll receive more opportunities like it in the future. But if it's not a good match, give it a thumbs down—eVA will remove the business opportunity from your My Leads list and will also ensure similar leads won’t be sent to you again.


Make it a Favorite! Hit the star icon for a business opportunity and a notification will be sent every time there’s a status change. You can Favorite a Lead as well as any business opportunity you find under All Opportunities on the Virginia Business Opportunities page.

Change to Emailed Notifications & NEW Types of Notifications

When do we send notifications?


For Leads – status of Open, Amended, Canceled


For Favorites – status of Open, Amended, Canceled, Bids Opened, Intent
Posted, Award, No Award, Re-solicit published



We’ve replaced individual email notifications for your Leads and Favorites with a once daily, summary email

Other types of NEW notifications

Mobile Notifications – If you would like to receive individual notifications for a Lead or Favorite, enable real-time push notifications via the eVA Mobile 4Business app

Anytime, On Demand – NEW indicator shows number of new Leads since your last log-in. Log into your eVA Vendor account anytime to access the entire list of your Leads/Favorites for the last 60 days.


Download the eVA Mobile 4Business app

As always, eVA Customer Care is here to help, so please give them a call at 1-866-289-7367 if you have questions or need assistance!