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eVA Extra 8/17/18

View the eVA Buyer User Group meeting from August 16th

Please find below the link to playback the eVA Buyer User Group meeting from April 16th.








eVA Extra 6/14/18


eVA Extra
Save the Date! Next Buyer User Group July 25th


Mark your calendars (and be on the look out!) for the next Buyer User Group scheduled July 25th. A meeting invitation on how to join the web conference will be coming soon. During the meeting we'll share a first look at the NEW Public Posting Page coming in July which features a new layout with easier navigation!



UAT Availability in June

Please note, UAT will NOT be available June 26th due to maintenance.


Introducing eVA Dashboards


Providing visualization of your procurement activities with quick access to resources you rely on


eVA Extra

Introducing eVA Dashboards

Providing visualization of your procurement activities with quick access to resources you rely on









 Login Monday, May 21st to check it out!

eVA Extra 5/18/18

Dear eVA Community,

I am so excited to introduce this next evolution of eVA.  The first two dashboards will be available Monday, May 21st.  This evolution could not have happened without the feedback from eVA users across the Commonwealth during the Forum, user groups, and your interaction with DPS staff.

We hope these dashboards spur more creative ideas.  Please continue to drive eVA enhancements by sharing your feedback with our team.


 -- Shane Caudill
Director, eVA


Join the conversation!  Become part of the buyer user group by emailing Kimberly.Brewer@dgs.virginia.gov or share your feedback directly with me at Shane.Caudill@dgs.virginia.gov.


Here’s how your eVA Account is better than before!


You move faster

Recent requisitions, eForms, and solicitations created within Quick Quote and Sourcing & Contracting are a click away  on the My Work page, as soon as you login.

You search smarter

Looking for work you completed recently? As you type in the title/description of a document, document number, status, or date, search results are filtered.


You learn further

Videos, reports, resources, and information on eVA and procurement, centralized in one location.


Additional Enhancements:

•Buyer and Vendor Username Retrieval

•Buyer and Vendor Password Reset

•Update to Foreign Countries for Entering Foreign Vendors

•Ability to Select an Entity on User Profile eForm

•Improvements to SBSD feed to eVA

•Display authorization message to vendor users without authorization to bid


eVA Extra 4/24/18

UPDATE: The NEW Buyer Portal live date has changed from May 4th to May 19th.
NEW Buyer Portal LIVE May 19th


The NEW Buyer Portal will be live May 11th featuring a completely redesigned look!

NOTE: “Pending My Approval” will not include delegated authority approvals.


What’s My Username? NEW Username & Password Reset Feature

Username retrieval will be a “self-service” feature for all users (both Buyers & Vendors) beginning May 4th, as well as easier password reset process.


Buying from a Foreign Business?

The “Country Code” list has been updated!



eVA Extra 4/23/18

View the eVA Buyer User Group meeting from April 18th
Featuring the new buyer side of eVA

Please find below the link to playback the eVA Buyer User Group meeting from April 18th.






eVA Extra 4/3/18

View the eVA Buyer User Group meeting from March 27th

Please find below the link to playback the eVA Buyer User Group meeting from March 27th.




Attachments • Word Document: Adhoc Approver  • PowerPoint: 2018 - 03 UG



eVA Extra 2/13/18

***All Enhancement Will Be Live March 2nd***

NEXT Buyer User Group Meeting will be scheduled for MARCH!
Be on the lookout for a meeting invite in the next few weeks.


Quick Quote Evaluation Improvement!

Now you can more easily evaluate responses within the Quick Quote tool! Quantity, Unit of Measure (UOM) and the Description fields will no longer be editable by a business submitting a Quick Quote bid.


TIP: Double check the UOM you chose matches with industry standards for what you’re purchasing.



Quick & Easy Way to Retrieve Your Buyer Username!

With this new enhancement, you’ll have a simple, self-service way to retrieve your eVA username.  Look for the new link “Forgot eVA Username” in production March 2nd.




For VITA in-scope agencies, you may have received an update or install of the Google web browser Chrome in the past few days.  The eVA Team has found, with the help of the user community, that there are several issues using eVA via Chrome since the update/install.


While we are working with VITA to resolve these issues, if you experience problems please use another browser!


eVA Extra 12/2017

CVV Code Request? Here’s How to Avoid That Phone Call


Do you have a vendor, in particular Dell, requesting the CVV code for a PCO order?  Attached is a one-page guide on how to correctly place a non-catalog order that will avoid the CVV code request.


Note:  If a vendor is requesting a CVV code, please share the vendo¬r name and contact info with Lisa.Kirby@dgs.virginia.gov.


NEW! Quick Quote buyers will notice text on the Quick Quote Summary screen to serve as a reminder of various Quick Quote requirements and expectations when issuing a quote for bid.


Future Procurements and Government-to-Government Postings Now Created with Sourcing & Contracting!


Future Procurement and Government-to-Government posts are now created with the Sourcing & Contracting tool. Need access?  Contact your DPS Account Executive!


Publicly these posts can now be accessed from their new location off the eVA website homepage, www.eVA.virginia.gov, under Purchasing Tools/Solicitations, Quick Quotes & Awards (see steps below)

Canceling a public posting?


Now when cancelling a public post created with VBO Buyer or Sourcing & Contracting, the date and time will default to the current date and time when you hit submit instead of defaulting to the current date at 5PM.


eVA Extra 10/2017


Curious about the purchase orders your agency is issuing to unregistered eVA Vendors? Check out the 215 Orders Created with Vendor as Un-Registered.  This report will list all orders to unregistered vendors AND let you know if the vendor is eVA registered.  Not seeing many matches? Check the data! Often end users enter incorrect tax id numbers for vendors (99999999) so eVA is not able to make a match.  Better data, better results.


Here’s a Tip: Use this report like other agencies! Schedule it, then work with end users who need training or use the information to identify vendor outreach opportunities.


Is there a Buyer In-Box in your Approval flow? (eMall)

With the eMall upgrade, new approval flow functionality became available in eMall to allow more oversight and management of assigning requisitions and eForms to buyers called Queue Manager.  The eVA team is currently reviewing agency setups to identify and work with agencies to pilot this new functionality.  If you have an interest in learning more or piloting Queue Manager for the Commonwealth, please reach out to Lisa.Kirby@dgs.virginia.gov.


New! Mobile Notifications for Vendors

NEW feature for the  eVA Mobile 4Business app!. When a business is logged into their eVA account while using the app, they can now view a list of Solicitation and Quick Quote opportunities to which they have been invited.

New! Status Info for Vendors

When a vendor is logged into their eVA account, they will now see their current status.




Coming Soon!


eForm for Reporting Completed CM and DB Capital Projects

Be on the lookout for information for guidance from Gregory Brown, Teri Hudgins, or Barbara Layman. Reporting this year will only be required for higher education and state agencies.

Future Procurement & Government to Government Posting with your eVA Login

Sourcing & Contracting users will notice on the left hand navigation two new options under Create.  DPS will be reaching out to agencies who have posts on the current Future Procurement & Government to Government pages to provide training and guidance on transitioning posts to the new posting tool within eVA.


Please continue to post Future Procurement & Government to Government posts on the existing page until you receive guidance from DPS.


eVA Extra 8/2017

Customer Care Announcement

On Thursday, August 3rd, from 9:30am-11am, eVA Customer Care will not be reachable by phone while a new phone system is installed.  During that time, Customer Care will still be reachable via email at eVACustomerCare@dgs.virginia.gov and will be able to make outgoing calls.  Please be advised vendors may be reaching out directly to you for assistance if they are not able to reach eVA Customer Care.



Need Help Finding an SBSD Micro Business?

Starting August 1st, eVA began receiving SWaM certification data, including Micro, via a web service feed from the new SBSD certification system.  New features will be coming soon to the eVA Vendor List to allow you to search on SBSD certifications. However, the SBSD Full Vendor List published on eVA has been updated to allow you to search based on certification type and provides a direct link to eVA registered vendors profiles.


From the eVA Homepage, click the Vendors link and at the top right select View Full SBSD List to search.



Update P-Card Signer Rule (eMall)

As of Friday, July 28th, requisition preparers no longer have to approve their own requisition when their P-Card is selected for the purchase.  In keeping with DOA guidelines, any requisition where the preparer is not the owner of the P-Card, the owner will be inserted into the workflow as an approver.



Logi Adhoc (DW1) Update

Data Warehouse migration is now complete. All Logi Adhoc users will need to create new reports using DW2 metadata.  Existing reports from DW1 must all be written against new DW2 tables.


eVA is currently in the process of filling the lead for the Data Analytics position. If you have questions regarding Logi Adhoc, please reach out to Lisa.Kirby@dgs.virginia.gov.



Solicitation Line Item Upload  - New Functionality! (Sourcing & Contracting)

You asked for it and we delivered!  Buyers and Contract Officers explained their process of using spreadsheets to create pricing schedules of line item information and having vendors complete the spreadsheet.  Sourcing & Contracting allowed for Buyers and Contract Officers to add line item information so vendors could respond within the application (like Quick Quote) and generate a bid tab to compare each line item. However, this process was manual.  With this release, if Buyers and Contract Officers use the Sourcing & Contracting line item spreadsheet, line items can be loaded from the spreadsheet and into your solicitation document – removing the manual entry into the Sourcing & Contracting application. This enhancement works very similar to other template loads in Sourcing & Contracting.


Contact Tracy.Robinson@dgs.virginia.gov if you are an existing user and would like to learn more.