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eVA Extra 3/8/2017

User Guides in the Report & Resource Center

Hot off the press! UPDATED eMall version 1 and 2 user guide and the NEW Sourcing & Contracting Quick Guides available on the Documents tab in the Report & Resource Center.


Use of Class (Parent) Commodity Codes in VBO Buyer and Sourcing & Contracting

Target the business who provide the goods and services you are procuring.


When businesses sign up to use eVA as their market place, they sign up to be notified for specific commodity codes for goods and services they provide.  If they provide all goods and services listed under a class (parent) commodity code, they choose to receive notifications for the class (parent) commodity code.


With that in mind, VBO Buyer and Sourcing & Contracting ---like Quick Quote---- buyers will only be able to select specific (child) commodity codes. Have no fear, the buyer is able to select additional commodity codes AND businesses registered with parent (class) commodity codes will continue to receive notifications for corresponding specific (child) commodity codes.


QQ Notification Summary

Great news! Now on the Vendor Notification screen on Quick Quote, the notification summary provided to buyers by email will be available above the list of businesses being notified.

Sourcing & Contracting Users: New Feature – Upload Template of Authorized Organizations

Save time, upload by template!


Sourcing & Contracting allows end users within or outside of your agency to select YOUR contract numbers in eMall ( just like the Statewide Contract #’s). You identify the agencies able to purchase off your contract. Quickly add many agencies using the template feature.

eVA Extra 1/5/2017

Get Schooled in 2017 – FREE eMall & Quick Quote Classes Offered All Year


Happy 2017!  Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one of the FREE eMall and/or Quick Quote training classes this year.


Quick Quote – The paperless alternative to getting fax-back and telephone quotes

 This half-day “hands-on” course will train you on how to get quotes quickly and efficiently. Replacing the traditional method of faxing or calling, the user will create a quote request, obtain an automated vendor list, receive quotes electronically, evaluate on-line or with Excel and make the award.

eMall Shopper-Basic Training – The tool that allows you to shop online

This half-day “hands-on” course covers creating a requisition, on-line approvals and order creation with a variety of “shopping” exercises designed to develop the participant’s catalog searching skills. Local government users may also enroll in this class.


Classes start in February.  Click on the link to view the full class schedule and/or sign up:   




UPDATED eMall Training Guide Now Available


The eMall Vol 1 Training Guide had been updated.  It’s available in the Report and Resource Center under the Documents tab/Training Guides for Buyers.  (Updated Vol 2 coming soon!)



eVA Extra 7/12/2016

How You Buy Vehicles Just Got BETTER


Introducing the improved vehicle punchout catalog! You still access the online vehicle catalog from the eMall in eVA, but now there’s a whole new look.


Along with a new look, new functionality allows you to delete the shipping charge when you’re picking-up direct from the dealer.


Buy from ALL the vehicle contracts, with exception of 3 contracts that are currently not part of the vehicle catalog (used vehicles, BOC vehicles & electric utility vehicles).


Need help ordering? View the Vehicle Ordering Guide


eVA Extra 6/15/2016

 Public Posting Page (Solicitations)

The date label has been changed from Bid Opening Date to Open Responses Date on the public posting page of the eVA website (Solicitations, Quick Quotes & Awards), as well as within the VBO Buyer and Sourcing & Contracting (Advanced VBO) tools


The date and time entered for Open Responses Date unlocks sealed electronic responses for buyer viewing.


**New! Want to share the date you are having a public opening for your solicitation?  Answer YES, to “


 Improved Timestamp!

For contract officers using Sourcing & Contracting to issue Solicitations & receive electronic responses, the timestamp for online responses has been improved on the Online Bidders page to now include the time vendors submit electronic responses.

 Quick Quote

To help buyers remember to attach Special Terms and Conditions to Quick Quote, a friendly reminder is


eVA Extra 5/6/2016

 NEW Quick Access to eForms

Would you like a quick, easy way to select an eForm right from your eMall home page?  Simply follow the directions linked below to  customize your eMall home page with one-click access to any eForms for which you have access.

 Remember the Contract Number on Your Order

Remember when placing a non-catalog order and buying off a contract in the eMall to select the contract number from the drop down menu!


TIP! Remember if there are multiple Vendors with the same name and/or multiple locations for one Vendor to select the CORRECT contract Vendor based on their eVA Vendor ID.

eVA Extra 4/20/2016

 New eVA Features

 Business to Business Connect

Whether it’s a large business looking for subcontracting partners, a small business looking to fulfi ll a specific portion of a large project, or even several small businesses partnering together, B2B Connect creates an online space for businesses to meet, connect, and collaborate.



• FREE, online & publicly accessible business-to-business message board

• Easy, electronic way for large businesses to fi nd subcontractors &
     SWaM businesses to look for subcontracting and partnering opportunities

• Automatic notifi cation when new messages post

• Direct access to business contact information

• Unique search feature allows businesses to connect faster

• All businesses—eVA registered & non-registered—have posting access

• Stay connected on-the-go with additional access through the eVA Mobile 4 Business app