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What is eVA?

eVA Overview (PDF)

Understanding Commodity Codes (PDF)

eVA Shipping & Billing Address ID's (PDF)

How to Register with eVA

Step-by-Step Registration (PDF)

Receive Your Orders Electronically (PDF)

Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 Form (PDF)

Registration is not considered complete unless a Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9 is received.

The W-9 Form must be signed (digital signatures are not accepted) and dated. Payments for goods or services will be delayed without a properly executed Commonwealth of Virginia Substitute W-9.


Find and Respond to Virginia Business Opportunities (VBO)

Search Guide (PDF) Coming Soon!

Respond to Quick Quotes (PDF) (Quick Guide)

Respond to IFBs - RFPs and more (PDF)

Public Reports and Transparency Guide (PDF)



B2B Connect (PDF)

Virginia Information Business Exchange (VIBE) (PDF)


Maintaining Your Account

How to Add a Location (PDF)

How to Add Additional Payment Addresses (PDF)
How to Add and Manage Users in Your Account (PDF)
How to Add or Delete Commodity Codes to Your Account (PDF)
How to Modify Your Service Areas (PDF)
How to Receive Free Bid Notifications (PDF)
How to Update Addresses-Contact (PDF)
How to User and Contact Information in your Account (PDF)
How to View and Update Your W-9 (Tax) Information (PDF)
How to View Your SBSD SWaM Certifications (PDF)


Payment Information

Finding Credit Card Numbers on Purchase Orders (PDF)

Merchant Services Guidelines For Vendors Currently Accepting Visa (PDF)

For more info visit:  doa.virginia.gov


eVA Vendor Training Guides & Videos
Please note that some videos may display slightly different application screens but should not impact the overall learning concepts.

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