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 Emergency Procurement of Goods and Services for Executive Branch Agencies By authorization of the Governor of Virginia, the Honorable Ralph Northam through Executive Order Number Twenty Three (2018) agencies are hereby authorized to enter into contracts for emergency goods and services per Code of Virginia sections §44-146.28(b) and §44.-146.24 as it pertains to the disaster... Click here for more Information

Kimberly Brewer
eVA Marketing & Outreach Manager

August 16, 2018 Bug Meeting Playback

In case you weren't able to make it, or simply want to hear all the good information that was shared again, here is a link to replay the entire meeting:


UPDATE: The NEW Buyer Portal live date has changed from May 4th to May 19th.

NEW Buyer Portal LIVE May 19th


The NEW Buyer Portal will be live May 11th featuring a completely redesigned look!

NOTE: “Pending My Approval” will not include delegated authority approvals.

What’s My Username? NEW Username & Password Reset Feature

Username retrieval will be a “self-service” feature for all users (both Buyers & Vendors) beginning May 4th, as well as easier password reset process.


Buying from a Foreign Business?

The “Country Code” list has been updated!


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